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The following questions are listed as the guidance of using and retrieving the CMSNP database:

  1. What does CMSNP stand for?
  2. CMSNP (the abbreviation of Chinese Macaque SNP) represents the characterization of the database.
  3. Why do you construct this website?
  4. Rhesus monkeys are the most widely used nonhuman primate in basic and applied biomedical research due to their genetic and physiological similarity with humans., We resequenced the Chinese macaque to identify sequence variations (SNPs and SVs) and we construct the database to share our findings.
  5. Can I download all the Chinese macaque SNP datasets in your database?
  6. Yes, it can be downloaded from the download page.
  7. What does ECRs mean?
  8. The ECRs datasets are obtained from ECRBase, presenting the evolutionarily conserved regions of the genomes between macaque and human.
  9. Can I retrieve the gene information in the database?
  10. Yes, it can be retrieved by the gene information through the simplified name in the search bars.